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Top Adventure Travel Abroad BlogsToday on GoAbroad, we are thrilled to bring you GoAbroad’s list of the Top Adventure Travel Abroad Blogs. Each of these bloggers is traversing the world and showcasing what it means to experience meaningful adventure in a different culture and country. We especially love the variety of advice and stories each blog offers in regards to getting out there and tasting adventure firsthand! Each blogger was selected by GoAbroad editors based on the quality content of the blog, an interactive presence on social media, and a general kick-@$$ attitude when it comes to meaningful travel. We honor each of them today with this special feature, and encourage you to check out their blogs for more updates and information! 

Budget Travel Adventures

Jeremy Branham

Jeremy Branham Budget Travel AdventuresMeet Jeremy Branham of Budget Travel Adventures.  For this adventure blogger, travel has taught him much and changed the way that he views the world.  We love the honesty and openness reflected in the thoughts, ideas, and feelings about travel that he shares on the blog, as he notes that “experiencing life means experiencing the world around us.” A love for  travel can be found in many people, but Jeremy is quick to also note that everyone is unique when it comes to their travel experiences and favorite destinations. Through Budget Travel Adventures, he shares each of his adventures, lessons learned, and some resourceful tips on traveling. In his own words, “being a bit frugal, I love to save money where I can and believe that spending less allows you to really connect with the places, people, and culture in your travels.” Join Jeremy and Budget Travel Adventures on what he calls the biggest adventure ever taken – life.

Art of Backpacking

Michael Tieso

Michael Tieso Art of BackpackingMichael Tieso of the Art of Backpacking will be the first to tell you that anyone can be a backpacker. It’s all about simplicity in his opinion. “It’s cutting the unnecessary and going for what really counts; experience and adventure. It’s not only a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle.” Michael also goes on to say that backpackers can be compared to adrenaline junkies – in that they’re always seeking adventure in every part of the world. For many, they’ve quit their daily routine at home and went to travel the world from months to years or more. With that in mind, the Art of Backpacking contains the writings and experiences of travelers from around the world, sharing all sorts of advice and experiences that many travelers can relate to. Our favorite part of the blog may have to be the way it reiterates the idea that travel is possible on many budgets and for many different lifestyles. We couldn’t agree more!

The Art of Slow Travel

Denise Pulis

Denise Pulis The Art of Slow TravelSo what exactly is “slow travel?” For Denise Pulis of The Art of Slow Travel, it’s about  spending more time in less places, and doing and experiencing things rather than just seeing them. The Art of Slow Travel blog brings readers stories of how Denise, and people from around the world with different lifestyles and backgrounds, “are taking it slow and experiencing the world in all its beauty.” We love coming across blogs that combine this appreciation for meaningful travel with a variety of resourceful content, and The Art of Slow Travel does just that. Whether you’re interested in exploring Denise’s guides to Asia or the collection of posts that celebrate travel, there is something to attract every type of adventure traveler enthusiast to this blog. Denise herself never really traveled until age 21, and she shares advice so that other readers may be able to put their adventure travel dreams into action. The question now is, what are YOU waiting for?

As We Travel

Sofia von Porat & Nathan Schacherer

Nathan & Sofia As We Travel As We Travel was founded by Nathan and Sofia, two very passionate and full-time adventure travelers. The site itself is composed of comprehensive travel advice, and is a great place for anyone who enjoys traveling. As Nathan and Sofia say, “from first-time travelers, to well-seasoned travel enthusiasts, you will find As We Travel full of the latest travel advice, clutter-free city guides, and HD travel videos from around the world.” When you combine their travel experience, Nathan and Sofia have explored and blogged from over 45 countries together, making this impressive blog a site not to be missed! Added to that, their top-ranked travel videos have been compiled in over 33 countries, so we’re sure there is no lack of advice or stories to be found and used when planning and setting out on your own adventures!


Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward OneStep4wardOneStep4ward from Johnny Ward, a 20-something Irish guy who left Ireland at 18 to study his degree in International Economics in England, epitomizes what it means to partake in meaningful adventure travel. Since he graduated in 2006, Johnny has traveled, studied, worked, volunteered and backpacked around more than 50 countries across the globe. And the best part about this, you might be wondering? He redesigned his lifestyle to make this kind of traveling a possibility – and it is the goal of OneStep4ward to inspire other travelers to achieve the same. In Johnny’s words, “we can all redesign our lifestyles to live how we went. Traveling opens our minds, teaches us about other cultures, languages, religion, it’s a constant learning curve but one that we can enjoy every step of the way.” He encourages readers and travelers to apply the advice from OneStep4ward to their own lives and see the world for all it’s worth!

Backpacker Banter

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens Backpacker BanterFor Chris Stevens of Backpacker Banter,  blogging about adventure travel is also about doing his best to bring every reader “heaps of advice, inspiration and chaos from my RTW adventures!” He describes himself as surfer by nature, a photographer by trade, traveller by choice, 25 years old and from Devon in the UK” – although these days you’ll likely find him living out of a backpack! He credits surfing as a reason that has spurred on his traveling, allowing him to visit a variety of global destinations which he is he  wouldn’t have even considered in the first place. When you combine this passion for adventure with his photography degree, the result  is Backpacker Banter – a blog filled with images and content celebrating all kinds of cultures, landscapes and “beautiful blue waves – with heaps of chaos, calm and banter in equal measure!”

Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Neil Barnes

Neil Barnes Backpacks and BunkbedsBackpacks and Bunkbeds (we love the alliteration here) from Neil Barnes is another great adventure travel resource. The goal of this blog is help fellow backpackers and travelers, made possible by the variety of Neil’s posts and articles that cover costs, maps, directions, and money saving tips just to name a few. Neil himself hails from the United Kingdom, calling London his current homebase. In his words, “I currently work the 9-5 but spent a few years after university traveling and backpacking, and still take every opportunity i get to seek out what the world has to offer.” It’s no surprise that after Neil’s first international adventure, he was officially hooked, thereby giving him an unquenchable thirst for visiting new places and meeting new people – a thirst which continues to allow him to make his way to various countries. We can’t to see where his backpack will lead him next!

Beers and Beans

Randy & Beth

Randy and Beth, Beers and BeansIn love with exploring the beautiful, the unusual, the mudane, or the forgotten? So are Randy and Beth of Beers and Beans. With backgrounds in photography and journalism, this adventure couple has been lucky enough to jumpstart a RTW trip, drive across the United States, camp in Iceland, hang out in London, eat their way through Paris, work on an organic farm in Tuscany and track down long lost family members in Lacedonia, Italy. Can you say amazing adventure or what? In addition to sharing their own adventures on Beers and Beans, Randy and Beth also take time to interview people and cover stories they find interesting around the world, giving the blog its own unique travel flavor.  We love that the mission of Beers and Beans is really about helping others–which is fulfilled by the way that Randy and Beth fill the blog with information about the connections they make on the road “in order to showcase the people who working hard to make a difference.” And where does the title of this blog come from, you might be wondering? Easy: Randy loves beer and Beth is a vegitaran who loves black beans. The best of both worlds some might say!

Blondie at Worldz End

Agata Adamczak

Agata Adamczak, Blondie at Worldz End Agata from Blondie at Worldz End is a mid twenties-ish traveler who left home in Poland to make her way around the world. Since first beginning her adventures more than five years ago, home has included Spain, England and the United States of America. Along the way, she has made it a point to collect a significant amount of photos and memories, and Blondie at Worldz End has thus become a way of sharing each of her traveling experiences with readers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Currently, Agata is living in England, working for an internet marketing agency, and in her own words, “most importantly looking forward to exploring the parts of world I have never been to before, to explore the wordlz end!” We can definitely agree with that goal!


Gareth, borebags

Donna & Gareth

Donna and Gareth of borebags are quick to welcome readers to the “rants, ramblings and revelations of our round the world trip.” After leaving behind their friends in the city and country, jobs in the city and the middle of nowhere, both Gareth and Donna embarked on the trip of a lifetime that has taken them to a variety of worldwide destinations.  They note on the blog that “being twenty-somethings, we both agree that this is the best possible time to get out and see what the world has to offer. If we wait any longer, life will take over and we’ll be 94 and wondering what if.”  This dynamic duo is also quick to note that they both have always had itchy feet, with Donna doing her fair bit of travelling across America, “spending Donna, borebags
time in 5*s, dining with the best of them and shopping like there’s no tomorrow.” Gareth has also journeyed across Europe spending a good amount of time in “ski lodges, Eastern European hot spots and even swimming with the fishes in Hawaii.”  Together, they embrace every culture shock moment discovered on their international adventures, experiencing different lifestyles in different corners of the globe!


Congrats to each of these unique travel bloggers! Did we overlook any other awesome adventure travel abroad bloggers? What are some of your favorites? Share them with us in the comments below!

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3 Responses to “GoAbroad.com’s Top Adventure Travel Abroad Bloggers”

  1. Laurel
    Monday, 19 November 2012 at 3:40 #

    Great list of adventure travel bloggers, some of my favorites! I’m also an adventure travel blogger at Monkeys and Mountains.

  2. Tim Moon
    Thursday, 7 March 2013 at 7:51 #

    More blogs I’ve never read! Dang, I need to get around more. haha I would recommend checking out Expert Vagabond, it’s a really good adventure travel blog with excellent photographs and videos.

    • Tiffany Harrison
      Friday, 8 March 2013 at 10:22 #

      Hi Tim – Thanks for your comment, and glad you enjoyed the post! Great blog recommendation with Expert Vagabond as well! Happy reading 😉