Blog of the Week: The Barefoot Nomad

GoAbroad Blog of the WeekIt’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

The Barefoot Nomad

The Barefoot Nomad is the creation of travel bloggers Charles and Micki, and initially started as a way to journal their adventures traveling the world. Since then, they have been to numerous locations around the globe (with a major emphasis on Southern Asia) and even with years of traveling under their belt, they are always eager to pack their gear and head out again! For those  interested in seeing how entirely possible it is to travel with your family, The Barefoot Nomad is the blog to be reading – after pursuing a family life in recent years, Charles and Micki’s little ones now join them in their global adventures. Inspired yet? Yep, us to!

The Barefoot Nomad Blog

Why We Love It

We love how the sense of adventure to The Barefoot Nomad is one of the first things noticeable about this blog. Even with the change in Charles and Micki’s traveling habits over the years (from light backpacks and dodgy hostels to larger backpacks and reputable accommodations), they note that their sense of adventure has remained the same: “We’re about making travel accessible and fun for everybody. You don’t need to be a 20 year old to take an extended trip. Travel is for everyone.” Through the advice and stories they share on The Barefoot Nomad, this becomes more than apparent. It also makes The Barefoot Nomad a resource that inspires readers to explore and experience the world around them, while offering helpful, practical tips to get travelers on their way!

Check out the blog for more updates from Charles and Micki, and explore GoAbroad for thousands of alternative travel opportunities!

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