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GoAbroad Top Solo Female Travel BloggersToday on GoAbroad, we are thrilled to bring you GoAbroad’s list of the Top Solo Female Travel Bloggers. These are women from around the world who are making a difference, one continent and country at at a time. We love how each of these bloggers takes a unique stance on international travel and it what it means to be a solo female traveler on the go. Each blogger was selected by GoAbroad editors based on the quality content of the blog, an interactive presence on social media, and a general kick-@$$ attitude when it comes to meaningful travel. We honor each of them today with this special feature, and encourage you to check out their blogs for more updates and information! 

Solo Traveler

Janice Waugh

Solo Traveler, Janice WaughSolo Traveler, from Janice Waugh, weaves tales from her trips with practical tips to ignite keynote speeches about traveling solo, living a great life single, personal resilience, and finding success as a location-independent entrepreneur. She co-founded the Global Bloggers Network, an online resource for bloggers, and is the Toronto host for Meet Plan Go, an event to inspire people for long term travel. In addition to writing on travel, she also has a writing practice specializing in articles and guides on small business management. We love that as Janice travels solo, she also carefully observes how I do it – which is then reflected in the stories, tips and advice on this blog!

Legal Nomads

Jodi Ettenberg

Legal Nomads, Jodi EttenbergJod Ettenberg of Legal Nomads is a former lawyer currently traveling (and eating!) her way around the world, one country at a time. Legal Nomads began when she quit her job in 2008 and took off to see the world, having saved up money by lawyering for 5 years in New York City. She wanted to have a blog where she could post photos and share crazy stories so that friends and family could follow along from afar. After organically moving from one place to the next based on her tastebuds or a fellow traveler’s recommendation, Jodi’s travels have had a flow to them, linked by common connections and shared meals. Legal Nomads has also become a place where Jodi’s writing and photography provide tips for people looking to set off on their own journeys.

Twenty-Something Travel

Stephanie Yoder

Twenty Something Travel, Stephanie YoderStephanie Yoder’s blog, Twenty-Something Travel, is a definite go-to source for Gen Y travel information and inspiration. Stephanie is a self-described “girl who can’t sit still” and  since graduating college in 2007, has been either traveling or saving up to travel. She has spent time living and working in London (still her favorite city on earth), backpacked around Eastern Europe and seen most of the lower 48. In September 2010 she left her office job to travel the world and become a freelance writer and blogger – leading her to backpack through Asia (everywhere from Japan to Vietnam), road trip through Australia and spend time living in both China and Argentina. We think ‘world-traveler’ is putting it lightly!

Bacon is Magic


Bacon is Magic, AyngelinaAyngelina, creator of Bacon is Magic, describes her blog in a nutshell: “I’m in my mid-thirties. I left an amazing job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America. I’m creating a new life choosing what I want instead of what other people think I should do.” After being bitten by the travel bug at an early age, Ayngelina uses Bacon is Magic as a platform to inspire other travelers while also expounding on the magic that is bacon (no surprise there). Whether she’s home in Toronto or out and about on the road, Anygelina is always of the mindset to live a travel-centric life that is filled with things that inspire her!

Runaway Juno

Juno Kim

Runaway Juno, Juno KimDon’t let the name of this blog fool you – Juno, a native of Seoul, Korea is more likely to run to embrace adventure than runaway from it. Since she took her first step into the world of backpacking, she knew it was going to be a big part of her life. In her own words, “If you are meant to be with something, there’s a sign you can’t describe it by words. That is travel to me.” Juno lives her life as a full time traveler and a full time blogger, and Runaway Juno is a place for sharing, learning and keeping up her dream of traveling the world. Just as the joy, thrilling moments, excitement, and adventure of traveling is part of Juno’s life, so can it be a part of yours!

Wanderlust & Lipstick

Beth Whitman

Wanderlust & Lipstick, Beth WhitmanAs the Founder and Editor of Wanderlust & Lipstick, Beth Whitman is the epitome of a kick@$$ traveler. For more than 25 years, she has been traveling the globe as a contemporary Wanderer: combining her love for travel with volunteer work, adventure trips, travel writing and business. She has backpacked through Nepal and hiked the Himalayan foothills in Bhutan; ridden a motorcycle solo from Seattle to Panama; worked with orphans in Vietnam through various volunteer programs; driven the AlCan Highway to Alaska; and maneuvered the back roads of France’s Dijon region in a rental car. And this is just to name a FEW of her worldly adventures. Along with the many other talented bloggers of Wanderlust & Lipstick, Beth brings meaningful travel inspiration right to your fingertips.

My Beautiful Adventures

Andi Perullo

My Beautiful Adventures, Andi PerulloYou’re more likely to see Andrea going by the nickname of Andi on My Beautiful Adventures. Andi describes herself as someone who was “born with a gypsy spirit, as I never feel comfortable staying in one place for too long” and for most of her adult life she has led a dichotomous existence of both wanting to “flutter my wings around the world and to settle down and focus on my true calling, which is being a Chinese Medicine Doctor.”  While it can be a constant game of tug-of-war that she plays with herself, Andi is always working on balancing both passions. My Beautiful Adventures captures the magic and beauty of each place Andi sets foot in, and her photography is not to be missed (seriously). Added to that, she believes that chocolate fixes every problem, and that each day we are meant to learn at least one new thing. We couldn’t agree more!


Gray Cargill

SoloFriendly, Gray CargillGray Cargill has a few words of advice and it’s time you listened up: “If there is a place you want to see, then go see it. Don’t let anything—fear, other people, lack of resources, etc.—keep you from exploring this huge, diverse world we live in.” As the publisher of SoloFriendly, Gray is also a native Vermonter, and an unabashed fan of solo travel.  So far, she has traveled to eight countries and 21 U.S. states and have made numerous solo trips. With more than a decade of  traveling solo under Gray’s belt, there is no lack of advice to gain from SoloFriendly. She is also quick to provide useful links to online travel resources, and generate some interest in solo travel among people who haven’t yet taken the plunge. So, what are YOU waiting for?

Camels & Chocolate

Kristin Luna

Camels & Chocolate, Kristin LunaKristin Luna has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, covering an array of travel and feature topics for a smattering of national, international, and regional newspapers and magazines. Whether she is brushing shoulders with celebrities during interviews or offering advice from her latest worldwide destination, the resources on Camels and Chocolate are as diverse as the name of the blog itself. Kristin has visited more than 80 countries both for her job, as well as her endless need to see every corner of the world, and she’s far from finished. We can’t wait to see where she’ll end up next!

Candice Does the World

Candice Walsh

Candice Does the World, Candice WalshThere is no way to describe Candice Walsh and her blog, Candice Does the World, any more humoursly than she does herself: “This blog is reflective and narrative. My life is a tangled mess of unfortunate coincidences, bizarre experiences, and shady characters. You will find no grandiose exclamations of life lessons here…Just me and my relationship with “place.” Are you as hooked as we are on learning more? Candice’s take on each of her adventures creates a place where travelers can both be inspired and experience gut-wrenching laughter at the travel lessons she shares. Don’t believe us? Take the way she describes her career: “I’m fully self-employed and “location independent,” whatever that means. Technically, “not having a home” is impossible for Newfoundlanders. We’re bred that way.”

Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley

Adventurous Kate, Kate McCulleyKate McCulley is a twenty-something girl originally from Boston, Massachusetts. After four years of establishing a career in online marketing and a lifetime dreaming of traveling the world, she decided that it was time to make it happen. As she says on Adventurous Kate, “it’s all in the name of an unconventional life. Life’s too short to have regrets.  That’s why I like to live the most interesting life possible by traveling the world on my own and saying yes to just about anything.”  From sharing stories of being shipwrecked in Indonesia to being an extra in a really, really bad German movie, Kate has a fresh and exciting perspective that she brings to the travel world. If there’s an adventure available, there’s no doubt she’ll go for it — making Adventurous Kate a site you need to add to your must-read travel list!


Liz Borod Wright

Travelogged, Liz Borod WrightLiz Borod Wright began Travelogged in January 2009 as a way to write about her favorite subject: travel. In addition to writing about her own trips, she writes about other people’s trips too, as a way to maximize the amount of destinations she can cover. As if that weren’t enough to offer, she also writes about travel trends, news and deals. As Liz notes on the blog, “from the glaciers of Alaska to the volcanoes of Santorini, this travel blog covers all of the coolest and hottest destinations around the world with enough information to help you plan your next trip and enough photographs to keep you daydreaming until you get there.” Yep, you can sign us up!

Unbrave Girl


Unbrave Girl, SallyAre you a self-declared “scaredy cat?” So is Sally, as she notes on Unbrave Girl. Despite her fear of everything from snakes to escalators, Sally, has been living, working, traveling and volunteering in Asia for the past six years. She’s done everything from weed rice paddies to teach English in China, and she has lived to tell the tales. In addition to being a writer, Sally is a teacher, performer, photographer, traveler, eater of many things (not just cookies… she swears!) and wearer of many hats (not just pink mini-top hats with feathers). Through Unbrave Girl, Sally encourages fellow “scaredy cats” to get out there and travel! Seriously, if she can do it, than so can you!

Ali’s Adventures

Ali Garland

Ali's Adventures, Ali GarlandAli Garland is here to answer many of your pressing travel-related questions: Do you want to travel but you scared to go? Think you can’t go on that dream trip by yourself? Need some travel inspiration? Ali’s Adventures will answer these questions and more by showing you how truly rewarding travel can be! Whether you have someone to travel with or you’re thinking of going solo, Ali encourages people to get out and see the world – because once you do, you’ll realize there was nothing to fear in the first place. You’ll find her these days “fumbling through my new life as en expat” in Germany offering everything from  logistics advice to the humorous side of being an expat in a new country.


Mariellen Ward

BreatheDreamGo, Mariellen WardOur last, (but certainly not the least!) pick for the Top Solo Female Travel blogs is the India-inspired, meaningful adventure travel blog from Mariellen Ward – BreatheDreamGo. Since traveling to India for 6 months in 2005, Mariellen has been been back again and again – always with new tips and advice to share on BreatheDreamGo. Whether it’s discussing the power of travel to transform, or offering resources to hear Mariellen speak at conferences, BreatheDreamGo never forgets its underlying theme of  “meaningful travel” — solo, long-term, yoga, spiritual, health and wellness, voluntourism and eco-tourism. With such diversity to offer, we’re surprised you’re not already on the site 😉

Congrats to each of these unique travel bloggers! Did we overlook any other awesome solo female travel bloggers? What are some of your favorites? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures
    Tuesday, 30 October 2012 at 12:04 #

    Thank you so very, very much for your kind words! They really touched me!!! Cheers to solo female travelers!

    • Tiffany Harrison
      Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 10:57 #

      Right?! We love how solo female traveler bloggers constantly encourage more women to explore the world, and inspire them to take more risks when it comes to travel. Thanks, Andi!

  2. Ali
    Tuesday, 30 October 2012 at 4:08 #

    Thank you so much for including me on such a great list of female travelers!

    • Tiffany Harrison
      Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 10:59 #

      Congrats Ali! It was a tough decision narrowing down this list, and we were thrilled to include you and your blog!

  3. solo female travel
    Wednesday, 31 October 2012 at 7:18 #

    Thank you so much for sharing this list of solo female travel site’s this is awesome lot information and tips you can learn in this blog.

  4. Ava Apollo
    Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 4:09 #

    It’s my goal to make this list next year!

  5. Roxanne
    Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 5:53 #

    Such incredible women — congratulations to all of you! So inspiring to know some of you, read all of your stories, and hope to cross paths with the rest in the future.

    • Tiffany Harrison
      Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 10:52 #

      Thanks for the comment, Roxanne! We couldn’t agree more with you 🙂

  6. Gerard ~ GQ trippin
    Thursday, 1 November 2012 at 11:03 #

    Great list indeed! I think we follow all of them!

  7. Sally
    Friday, 2 November 2012 at 4:54 #

    Wow, what an honor to be included with such a fine bunch of inspirational ladies. Thank you!

  8. Harvey (H-Bomb's Worldwide Karaoke)
    Friday, 2 November 2012 at 5:21 #

    A great list, and I’ve definitely found some new blogs to follow!

    Another really awesome travel blogger in this category is Amanda Williams of “A Dangerous Business.”


    Her content (both her writing and her photography) is consistently top-notch, and and she writes with enthusiasm as well as honesty.

    • Tiffany Harrison
      Tuesday, 6 November 2012 at 11:57 #

      Thanks for the comment, Harvey! And for your recommendation of Amanda’s blog as well! You can never have too much travel advice 🙂

  9. em
    Monday, 5 November 2012 at 8:39 #

    thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Hannah
    Thursday, 27 December 2012 at 4:25 #

    How do we get featured in this list?

    Great blogs 🙂


  11. Elena
    Tuesday, 12 March 2013 at 8:33 #

    All fantastic blogs! Jodi is my fav. though )

  12. Kayla Patterson
    Monday, 7 April 2014 at 11:44 #

    Great list! I’m working on a new travel blog myself and hope to make this list one day! 😉