Affording Meaningful Travel: Introducing Fund My Travel

Fund My Travel

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Have you ever desired to study French in Paris or wanted to care for orphaned children in Tanzania, but couldn’t afford to do so?

Now you can!

For students who are looking for ways to raise funds for a program abroad, is thrilled to introduce you to Fund My Travel, an online crowd funding platform specifically developed by GoAbroad to allow students to raise funds to cover the expenses of their next program abroad.

How does Fund My Travel work?

Fund my Travel was created because we believe in your causes. This project was initiated because we believe that studying in a foreign land will open your eyes to newer heights and volunteering in Third World countries will make this world a better place. We want you to succeed.

And so do your family and friends.

Fund My Travel BlogWith Fund My Travel, students can create customizable travel campaigns which they can share across numerous social media channels in order to collect donations from friends, contacts and family members – all they need is a verified PayPal account!

Created with an intuitive interface and a multitude of customizable features, Fund My Travel also provides the tools you need to build your campaign. It has social media links so you can further expand your network, and integrates cool features in the website to boost your campaigns. This way, you can interact with other enthusiasts who share the same passion with you!

Now you’re one step closer to crossing the globe.

You have the vision. Fund My Travel can help you achieve it.

Reports show that there is an increase of people wanting to either study or volunteer in a foreign nation. Experiencing a new culture is one of the most amazing adventures anyone can have but sometimes, people hold hesitations because of the expenses it entails.

Need not worry, Fund My Travel makes it easier for people to raise funds for their adventures abroad. Take advantage of the tools and you will be able to raise your funds in no time.

Start today, and take a look at how Fund My Travel can help you reach your dreams:

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Fund My Travel will be officially launched in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for updates and check more info by clicking on the links below:

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  1. Lijiang
    Tuesday, 23 October 2012 at 12:29 #

    Great news for us teenagers!Could help to save a lot of time and money.

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