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GoAbroad Blog of the WeekIt’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

Unbrave Girl

Are you a self-declared “scaredy cat?” Then this week’s Blog of the Week, Unbrave Girl, needs to be on your list of must-reads! Despite her fear of everything from snakes to escalators, the blog’s creator, Sally, has been living, working, traveling and volunteering in Asia for the past six years. She’s done everything from weed rice paddies to teach English in China, and she has lived to tell the tales. In addition to being a writer, Sally is a teacher, performer, photographer, traveler, eater of many things (not just cookies… she swears!) and wearer of many hats (not just pink mini-top hats with feathers). Through Unbrave Girl, Sally encourages fellow “scaredy cats” to get out there and travel!

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Why We Love It

Admitting your fears is one thing. Admitting them AND jumping into the unknown to face them, is something else indeed! We love how Sally addresses this and more through her travels documented on Unbrave Girl.  She freely admits that “I will never willingly jump out of an airplane. I don’t ride my bicycle without a helmet. I only cross the street at the crosswalks (and god forbid I end up in a country without crosswalks — then I just won’t cross the street… like ever).  On most days, I wake up convinced that this is the day I’m going to die — either via amoebic dysentery or monkey attack.” But she’s okay with not being “brave.” As her blog notes, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this past year of traveling, it’s that bravery is kind of like a closet full of cute shoes — nice but not necessarily required.” As far as we’re concerned, that’s a dose of bravery in itself!

Sally is currently teaching English at a university in China, after originally leaving life in New York to pursue different jobs throughout Asia. Her appreciation for each meaningful experience–whether it’s describing what’s she’s learned while living in China, or sharing photos from each of her adventures–demonstrate that while she may call herself a “scaredy cat,” Sally is actually brave in every sense of the word. Check out her blog for more updates and explore for all your teach abroad opportunities!

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