Taking Teaching & Volunteering Abroad One Step Further: New Resources from GoAbroad!

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Introducing the Two Newest Newsletters from GoAbroad!

Meaningful travel opportunities come in a variety of different forms. Today on GoAbroad we have reason all the more to celebrate teach abroad and volunteer abroad opportunities: two new newsletters are now available to subscribe to, featuring everything from travel resources to unique programs, and a whole range of interesting article topics!

We can’t think of a more appropriate time to announce this news, as the week of April 15 to April 21, 2012 marks National Volunteer Week across the United States of America. This particular week celebrates and focuses on all the ways that volunteering (both internationally and locally!) can encourage you to appreciate and participate in the act of giving back. You won’t be alone either. In 2010, more than 63 million Americans volunteered their time and energy to a variety of causes–including international volunteer service. This testament to making a difference in a meaningful way showcases how important volunteerism is around the world.

When you also consider the multitude of ways that working abroad – include teaching abroad – can be a benefit on a personal and professional level, there is no doubt that these opportunities will continue to inspire and encourage individuals to participate.

As the leading resource for meaningful travel, GoAbroad has long been dedicated to bringing the best tips and information to your attention. Along these lines, the Teach Abroad and Volunteer Abroad Newsletters are our newest efforts to keep you up to date and informed about the teach abroad and volunteer abroad industries!

Specifically, the Teach Abroad newsletter will feature GoAbroad’s newest teach abroad job postings, in addition to other essential information about teaching abroad; the Volunteer Abroad Newsletter will feature updates and announcements about volunteer programs and all the information you’ll ever need about volunteering abroad!

Interested to learn more and subscribe?

Click here to subscribe to The Teach Abroad & Volunteer Abroad Newsletters!

And from all of us at GoAbroad, have a fantastic rest of National Volunteer Week!  Check out how you can also participate in The Huffington Post National Volunteer Week Challenge!

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