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GoAbroad Blog of the WeekIt’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

Jamaica My Way

Jamaica My Way is a two-time award winning blog that “refuses to be what everyone else writes about when they travel Jamaica.” Kristi is a Canadian and the author of this blog, who loves to really get into the local lifestyle and show what’s outside resorts and hotels. She has been traveling to Jamaica for nine years, writing about it for over three years, relocated for a few months last year, and is about to relocate there again for another few months! Having said all that, Kristi’s mission with Jamaica My way is to share the soul of Jamaica with anybody who wants to discover it for themselves. “As they say about Jamaica; Once you go….you know.”

Jamaica My Way, Blog of the Week

Why We Love It

Right from the start, we love how Kristi explains the way Jamaica has affected her: “I have not conquered Jamaica – rather Jamaica has conquered me. It’s turned me into a full-time addict of it’s people, culture, food and adventures and my allegiance slowly shifted from “Canadian office worker” to “random Jamaica thrill seeker”. It’s evident from the diverse posts and sense of reflection they are imbued with, that Kristi is an independent woman who has also become a very independent traveler. She seeks to encourage others to experience life with the same adventurous spirit that she’s created for herself, providing resources and inspiration alike. We especially enjoyed her post on why she started her blog, Jamaica My Way.

As a travel blogger turned travel consultant, one of the specialties Kristi offers is non-typical and off-the-beaten-path Jamaica travel, focusing on true native culture, people and activities. As she explains, “I always try maintain my diehard flair for everything “local” because you truly haven’t had a cultural experience until you’ve mingled with undercover Jamaica. Go into the towns, meet the local people who will enrich your life with their stories, buy arts and crafts where 100% of the proceeds go to the Jamaican who made them. GET OFF THE BUS!” We couldn’t agree more!

Check out Jamaica My Way for even more travel tips and resources, and explore for all your adventure travel opportunities!

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