Blog of the Week: Erica in Wonderland

GoAbroad Blog of the WeekIt’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

Erica in Wonderland

This Friday, we are pleased to feature Erica in Wonderland, a blog dedicated to one girl’s adventures throughout Asia. Erica Hobbs is the visionary behind this blog and left her home in 2010 to set sail to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a public relations job at a private university. As Erica learns about working abroad and living in Malaysia, Erica in Wonderland documents her explorations and experiences all across Asia. For travelers interested in learning more about this part of the world, Erica in Wonderland gives a first-hand taste of what it’s like to call a new culture home.

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Why We Love It

From the variety of content topics featured on Erica in Wonderland, this blog demonstrates its appeal as a go-to travel resource. Before heading to Malaysia for her new job, Erica didn’t know much about the country she would soon be calling home–since setting off on her adventure, though, she has slowly pushed herself further and further in her quest to become a well-rounded traveler. As Erica herself says, “part of being out of your comfort zone is being uncomfortable, and part of my reason for coming to Malaysia was to get out of my comfort zone. Let’s just say mission accomplished.”

In addition to the destination-focused posts and travel narratives on Erica in Wonderland, we love that readers can get a feel for Erica’s growth as a traveler and as a person. The transformation that is evident from her early posts to her current adventures, allows readers who may not be experienced travelers themselves to relate to her early struggles, fears and experiences. Each of Erica’s adventurous posts also tend to focus on learning more about herself and the culture around her– making for a very interesting read!  If you’d like to be inspired by Erica in Wonderland, check out the blog for yourself and explore for all your working abroad opportunities!

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    Saturday, 25 February 2012 at 12:09 #

    great blog, erica.

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