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GoAbroad Blog of the WeekIt’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

Ready. Set. Jet.

This week on the GoAbroad Blog, we are pleased to feature Ready, Set, Jet as our Blog of the Week. This is a blog dedicated to the “fearless Generation Y jetsetters – the radiant and curious twenty-somethings who are revolutionizing the way we used to classify travel.” As founder and author, Gillian Kemmerer, notes, “they are study abroaders, compassionate volunteers, interns, employees, and entrepreneurs.” Ready. Set. Jet. covers everything from the latest trends to rising hotspots, expat lifestyles, and “everyday questions that are important to these pioneers.” Whether readers are interested in learning how to keep touch with home and family or trying to organize a successful itinerary, Ready. Set. Jet. is dedicated to making sure every adventure is a success.

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Why We Love It

No matter what a traveler’s motivation or program may be, Ready. Set. Jet. shares resources for every type of person–all with the mindset of getting the most out of every experience. Even readers note that Ready. Set. Jet. encompasses a relatable writing style, a sweet and irreverent tone, and is based on personal experiences. The underlying humor  and originality of the content is also apparent in the variety of photography on the blog and in the writers themselves. Whether you’re seeking personal travel recommendations from Ready. Set. Jet.’s staff or are in need of “pearls of wisdom”, you won’t ever run out of things to check out and learn from this blog.

Gillian herself also boasts a vast amount of travel experience. Since the age of eighteen, she has lived, worked, studied (and made plenty of rookie mistakes) across the world from London to Singapore. She is far from finished in her adventures and you can read about these and more on Ready. Set. Jet. In the words of Gillian, “there are some things that cannot be disputed in life.  These givens include the fact that Guinness really does taste better in Ireland, Singapore’s airport is the fastest in the world, and traveling unlocks doors to parts of ourselves and our universe that we never knew existed.”

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