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GoAbroad Blog of the WeekIt’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

Melibee Global Education Consulting Blog

This week’s featured blog, Melibee Global Education Consulting, comes from international education professional, Missy Gluckmann. The Melibee Global Education Consulting organization was started in order to share Missy’s 20 years of experience in the field as well as “to encourage others NOT to follow the status quo.” With that in mind, the Melibee Global blog encompasses the idea of starting with a fresh “piece of paper” and coming up with new ideas – whether it’s inspiring interviews on world topics with international educators, tips for travelers, questioning the norm in international education work, or sharing inspiring stories for future global citizens and international educators.

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Why We Love It

As Missy notes on the blog, she is an “an avid student of life” and participates in as many intercultural learning opportunities as she can. Her enthusiasm for reading books and viewing films about other cultures is also integral to the content featured on the Melibee Global blog. The resulting effect is one that seeks to elevate the dialogue occurring in international education and inspire readers to lend their own voices to the conversation!

As if it wasn’t enough that Melibee Global provides a wide range of content to learn from, Missy is also responsible for organizing and launching online workshops geared towards increasing understanding of experiential learning experiences abroad. Even if you aren’t an international education professional, Melibee Global also offers tips for getting involved in the field, proving that this blog has something for every person interested in meaningful travel to learn from!

Check out the Melibee Global Education Consulting blog for more updates and explore for all your travel needs!

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