Celebrating Around the World on Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day Parade by martha_chapa95, on Flickr

Today on GoAbroad we’re celebrating all the ways that you can commemorate and give back around the world in honor of the Thanksgiving Day holiday. While the United States will be celebrating the occasion tomorrow, November 24, other cultures around the globe have their own version of the holiday that fall on different days throughout the year.

Have you ever wondered what China considers to be the main dish of the harvest? What about the Thanksgiving celebration in Croatia, which is not actually a harvest festival at all? In the same way that people are different, so are the ways that we give thanks. To help you start thinking more internationally about ways to commemorate Thanksgiving, here are some ideas to consider that will remind you why ‘giving back’ is more global than you might have imagined!

Learn About Another Culture

With all the numerous fall festivals and Thanksgiving occasions, and variety of rituals and customs associated with them, why not consider learning about a culture firsthand? Having a better understanding of  a community or country helps build understanding and appreciation for what it means to give thanks. From the Tet Trung Thu celebration in Vietnam, to Kwanzaa in Africa, Pongal in India and Chusok in Korea, these are but a few of the harvest-themed holidays you will be exposed to! Explore all the ways you can study culture abroad!

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  2. LEAPNOW: Transforming Education
  3. Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)

Participate As a Volunteer

Whether you choose to volunteer abroad or at a local community event, there are unlimited benefits to volunteering–all of which will allow you to gain experience in actively giving back. As you contribute to a cause, gain work experience and attain an insider perspective about different people and different places, you’ll also be creating irreplaceable life memories. You may be surprised to learn that giving back can also make you a healthier person! Learn about all the ways you can experience culture with a volunteer program!

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  1.  Volunteering Solutions
  2. Kaya Responsible Travel
  3. Friends for Asia

Travel Somewhere New

Even with rising travel costs and unpredictable weather, Thanksgiving weekend in the United States is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. This year alone, around 42.5 million people are expected to drive, fly or ride trains to their Thanksgiving destinations. With this in mind, why not consider an international travel experience during the holiday season? Every country, city and culture will have something unique and different to offer throughout the holidays–including Thanksgiving and harvest celebrations. Will you need a place to stay while traveling? Find one now from all the listings on GoAbroad!

Attend a Cultural Event

This Thanksgiving, many people in the United States may take part in watching the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade (or even be there to celebrate in person!) But what about other cultures? Have you ever thought about attending a fall-themed festival or event in a country that’s not your own? In Germany, the Erntedanktag holiday is marked by harvest festivals that are celebrated in churches and market places. Or perhaps it’s the N’cwala festival of Zambia that interests you, where feasts, music and some of the best dancing in the country commemorates the Ngoni’s entrance into Zambia. Wherever you may be around the world, consider taking part in these kind of cultural events. You can also discover a new culture with all the adventure programs available on GoAbroad!

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Try New Foods

Trying new foods can be a creative, and tasty way to give thanks. Whether you love or dislike the traditional turkey that is a staple in many United States Thanksgiving celebrations, there are numerous international options to consider as well! Check out the video below to see how other cultures celebrate Thanksgiving around the world with a variety of different foods! Do any these dishes get you interested in learning how to cook them yourself? Consider a cooking internship abroad from all the available options!

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**Please note that because of the holiday this week, the GoAbroad Blog of the Week will be taking a short break. Please check back NEXT Friday for the next featured blog!

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