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Top Listings for Teach Abroad in Africa

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Do you have a passion for education? Have you ever considered transforming it with an international experience?

Here are five of the most popular teach abroad program listings in Africa, based on what travelers are searching for on GoAbroad.com. With an international teaching program in Africa, there are opportunities to gain practical experience while making an impact locally.

i-to-i TEFL’s Program 120 Hour Online TEFL Course to Teach in South Africa 

i-to-i TEFL provides a comprehensive online TEFL course that will give you the skills to becoming a certified TEFL instructor. Site options in Africa include Cape Town (Kaapstad) and Durban. As you take part in the program you will also gain access to more than 8,000 job contacts worldwide! Check out more information about this program today!

FSD’s Teach to Advance The Millennium Development Goals Program in Kenya

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) offers a nine-week program in both Kakamega and Mombasa, with the goal of addressing local health, social, environmental and economic issues. Whether you’re taking part in intensive training or working side-by-side with others, this program will give you education tools necessary to help change the world. Learn how you can get involved!

The Language House Program in Morocco

A North African country that boasts over 32 million people, there is no shortage of teaching opportunities in Morocco. The Language House TEFL program in Marrakesh helps “students” evolve into “teachers,” with the help of a  hands-on approach designed to engage the trainee with active participation. Start exploring your options with The Language House!

Teach at American International School in Ghana

The expatriate community is growing in Accra, the largest city and capital of Ghana. The Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) is helping supply teachers to meet increased demand for quality education for expatriate children. As one participant of the program noted, “I’ve never worked so hard and never loved my job more than I do now.” Discover how you can make the same kind of difference with this program!

 Youth Development and Education Positions in Uganda

As an intern or volunteer with the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) in Uganda, you will work with children and teens. This program uses education to open doors for children to grow out of poverty. Student enrollment is increasing and there is a great demand for qualified instructors. Check out more about the program to learn how you can get involved!

Do keep in mind that these are only a sampling of available teach abroad programs in Africa, and there are many more to be explored. Check out all your options to teach abroad at GoAbroad.com!

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  1. Bijiek Jieknyal
    Monday, 3 October 2011 at 5:49 #

    My name is Bijiek Jieknyal, I am orginally from Sudan. I went to school here in Texas. I have a bachelor degree in management and a master degree in information systems. I am very interested in the following programs:
    Teaching Positions at International Christian Schools
    Teach at American International School in Ghana
    Youth Development and Education Positions in Uganda

    I need more information. Please let know what the requirements are for these positions

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