Unique High School Abroad Destinations to Explore

High School Students Abroad

High School Students Abroad

High School Abroad by Visions Service Adventures, on Flickr

Are you interested in studying abroad during high school? This international experience allows secondary school students to become more independent, increases confidence and gives a competitive edge in applying to universities — and when getting a job.Today we feature some unique study abroad destinations for upper school students. Have you ever considered preparing for college courses by living with host family in Delhi? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning a new language in Cape Town. Our sampling is based on student search activity on GoAbroad.com.Is there a destination that sparks your interest? We invite you to explore your options, including volunteering abroad!


Home to over 1.2 billion people and renowned for a diverse culture, India has an array of options for high school students abroad. From exploring the bustling streets of Mumbai to learning about Mahatma Gandhi to trekking in the Himalayan mountains, India amazes! Discover all the ways that you can explore India.Programs to check out:

  • Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)

  • Travellers Worldwide

  • Youth For Understanding (YFU)


Whether it’s the food, the cities or the Italian language that attracts you, there are adventures aplenty in Italy. If you’re interested in politics, why not consider Rome — the political center of Western civilization during the Roman Empire? There are plenty of options from which to choose.Programs to check out:

  • Learning Programs International (LPI)

  • Study Programs International (SPI)

  • Abbey Road Programs


High School Abroad - Japanese Building

Japanese street by loiclemeur, on Flickr

Did you know that Japan has the longest life expectancy of any country in the world? Or that it is often called the “Land of the Rising Sun“? As a leading nation in technology development, studying in Japan can give students the tools to become future leaders in a growing global community. Start your own search for ways to explore Japan!Programs to check out:
  • LanguBridge Education Centre

  • Osaka Girls Senior High School International Program

  • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)


As the world’s smallest continent, Australia is still home to more than 22 million people. Don’t let the desert-like regions fool you! Australia has a diversity of  habitats and an even more animal species. This combination makes it a great place for learning about the environment and sustainability. Start exploring the ways high school students can study in Australia!Programs to check out:

  • Travel for Teens

  • International Student Volunteers (ISV)

  • High Schools International (HSI)


The United States has always had large-scale immigration to its shores. This makes it one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations in the world. With an eclectic mix of cultural regions and characteristics and 50 states to choose from, there is a never a lack of options! Be sure to explore all the options for high school students to study in the USA!Programs to check out:

  • SEA Semester

  • 360 Student Travel

  • National Educational Travel Council (NETC)


If you’ve thought about taking your Spanish language skills outside the classroom, Argentina is the place! As the largest of  the Spanish-speaking countries, Argentina is highly urbanized with a rich diversity of landscapes that guarantee lots of natural wonders. Discover more ways for high school students to explore Argentina!Programs to check out:

  • Sol Abroad

  • Mente Argentina

  • GIC Argentina


Western Philosophy, the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games…these are a few of the achievements Greece can claim. In Greece, you can find programs that help cross-cultural understanding and academic enrichment. If you want to combine ancient history with modern advancements and natural beauty and you’ll want to check out all the available options today!Programs to check out:

  • PAIDEIA Study Abroad Programs in Greece

  • Bold Earth Adventures

  • Global Learning Across Borders

High School Abroad in Mexico

El Castillo Step Pyramid by jimg944, on Flickr


The most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world, Mexico also recognizes 62 indigenous Amerindian languages as national languages–providing a wealth of options for eager language-learners. The architecture is another draw, ranging from Step Pyramids to modern buildings. Don’t forget about the food, fiestas or traditional music as you find new ways to explore Mexico!Programs to check out:

  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

  • Nacel International

  • Andeo International Homestays


How would you like to explore the world’s largest country? With more than 140 million people, Russia spans nine time zones and encompasses a range of natural environments. Whether you’re interested in learning the Russian language or delving into aspects of Russian culture like folklore, music and dance, the available academic programs in Russia will bring the subjects you study to life.Programs to check out:

  • AFS Intercultural Programs USA

  • The Learning Traveller

  • Extra Class Language Center


The diverse culture and geography of Israel has created a unique blend of customs and traditions, flora and fauna. It is the only country in the world where daily life revolves around the Hebrew calendar. While the official languages are Hebrew and Arabic, there are many others heard throughout country. Are you ready to check out the high school academic adventures in Israel?Programs to check out:

  • Young Judea

  • NFTY EIE High School in Israel

  • Westcoast Connection Active Teen Tours


While studying in Brazil, you’ll experience the enthusiasm of football (soccer) fans, tease your taste buds with Brazil’s unique cuisine, learn new dances like the samba and discover the diversity of the world’s fifth largest country. Brazil is also the only Portuguese-speaking country in Latin America. Discover all the ways you can explore Brazil!Programs to check out:

  • Foundation Global Education

  • Greenheart Travel

  • Carpe Diem Education

South Africa

Explore the southern tip of the African continent through a high school program in South Africa! This country recognizes 11 official languages (including Afrikaans and Xhosa) and has some of the oldest archeological fossil sites in the world. From community service projects to cultural immersion, the high school programs in South Africa will open your eyes to the world around you.Programs to check out:

  • Projects Abroad

  • i-to-i Volunteering

  • South African Student Travel Services (SASTS)

And don’t forget to search GoAbroad.com for even more unique destinations!

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