JourneySong: Sout Al Horeya صوت الحريه [Sound of Freedom] by Hany Adel and Amir Eid

Sometimes journeys are taken not just by an individual but by many people together.

Over the last few weeks, the people of Egypt have been on an incredible journey towards what they hope will be freedom and democracy for their country. Today’s JourneySong is one of the many songs and chants that came out of what many are calling Revolution 2.0. With Valentine’s Day around the corner (February 14), this is not just a JourneySong, it’s love song to Egypt.

I went out and said that I wouldn’t come back
And wrote with my blood on each street
We made our voices heard to those who weren’t listening
And all the barriers/obstacles were broken
Our weapon was our dreams
And tomorrow was clear before us
We’ve been waiting for a long time
Seeking but not finding our place
In every street of my country, the sound of freedom is calling
We lifted our heads high
And hunger no longer bothered us
What’s most important are our rights
And to write our history with our blood
If you were really one of us [Hosni Mubarak]
Stop talking and telling us
To leave and forget our dream
And stop saying the word “I”
In every street of my country, the sound of freedom is calling

And a translation of the spoken poetry at 2:14:

Tan Egyptian arms against discrimination stretched in the midst of roar shattering its imposed enclosures The wonderful youth have spoken turned (Egypt’s) Fall to Spring and accomplished the unimaginable Awoke the dead from under tyranny

And the spoken poetry at 2:31

Kill me (if you can) Killing me, will not bring your regime back for with my blood, I write a new life, for my homeland. Is it my blood, or is it Spring has sprung? For both seem green today. …

Both translations of the poem done by YouTube user MazenSalhi.

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  • Reham

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  • Kleber G. Campos

    How fantastic it is! A band o Egyptian young people singing the song of freedom changed me. I was interested in the ancient Egyptian people, only. I was planning a tour around historical places trying not to look at the faces of modern Egyptians. OH! Incredible. I followed each path of that victorious movement on TV and internet. Oh God, Theos, Allah. Inch Allah things changed and now I love that country with all those young singing people.