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The ABCs of Marketing YourselfDiscover Your Value (DYV)” is a 14-part series is dedicated to helping individuals around the world learn how to communicate their value to others with an emphasis on their international experience. The series is based upon the book The ABCs of Marketing Yourself: A Workbook for College Students.

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As a college student, recent graduate or other job seeker, marketing yourself in the world’s most competitive century requires you to Assess your personal and professional skills; Brand yourself with an effective value proposition and Communicate your brand in a clear, consistent, compelling and concise manner. The ABCs of Marketing Yourself: A Workbook for College Student provides an easy to use, step-by-step approach to assess, brand and communicate your unique value. This book provides a hands-on approach that can be implemented immediately. It is recommended reading for any college student, recent graduate or job seeker that wants to apply to graduate school, look for employment or launch their own venture.

Michael Edmondson

Michael Edmondson, Ph.D.

It is our hope that this series will help you to better understand how to think effectively in order to take action and achieve the personal growth that is necessary to succeed as a young professional.

“Discover Your Value” is written by guest blogger Michael Edmondson, Ph.D., the Director of Marketing and Recruitment for The Philadelphia Center. He and Peter Abramo, Ph.D., are the authors of The ABCs of Marketing Yourself: A Workbook for College Students. You can also follow Michael on Twitter at @ThinkActGrow.

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