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Troy Peden

Troy Peden Founder at GoAbroad

"Ones destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things." Henry Miller

Troy Peden is a study abroad pioneer and the founder of GoAbroad.com, the first website devoted to meaningful travel opportunities. He has studied abroad, attended language schools, volunteered, worked, and traveled in multiple countries the world over.

Author Articles

An Unlikely Study Abroad City

Guayaquil, officially called Santiago de Guayaquil, is the largest city in Ecuador with over two million inhabitants. Twenty years ago, it was a place that travelers avoided at all costs. It stood in stark contrast to its sister city to the north, Quito, which has a mild climate and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and dotted with the remnants of the Incans. Guayaquil was the tropical port...

Tips for a Great Experience Learning Spanish in Guatemala

So you want to learn Spanish — to take a crash course as a novice, to brush up on some rusty skills, to pick up some business or health-care Spanish for your job, or simply to enjoy a cultural and educational trip. If learning Spanish quickly and affordably is your goal, studying in Guatemala may be the answer.

The Perfect Location for Volunteers with Passion

International volunteers often choose a destination for both the need and their desire to experience the place. Nepal is a National Geographic photo waiting to be taken in every direction you look. Nepal is an obvious destination for international volunteering. The combination of economic underdevelopment in the country, plus amazing geographic diversity, screams for eco-projects. The amazing...

The Amazing Land of the Maya created on 2013-03-12

While Guatemala is not the most common destination for study abroad in Central America, it probably should be. Guatemala is a place with geographical and cultural diversity like no other: The western highlands are known as the land of eternal spring, with a mild climate year-round. The Atlantic coast has a strong Rasta culture. Tikal, in the northeast, is one of the largest pre-Columbian...

Awesomely Different Study Abroad Programs created on 2013-03-12

In generations past, study abroad followed a specific formula. The original international academic programs were designed by faculty with lofty academic goals. “Junior year in Paris” was the epitome of old-school study abroad; it required a few years of pre-requisites and a bank full of money, and you were on your way.

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Studying Abroad

So you're leaving to study abroad! You are about to have the time of your life — your friends back home are so jealous — and you are going to do this up right! For most students, studying abroad is the single most memorable thing they'll do in their university life. But some common mistakes can really wreck what should be a fantastic international experience. Avoid these, and you'll get the...

¡Buena Suerte! 10 Tips To Learn Spanish

Guatemala has been a mecca for Spanish Language study in Latin America for decades. Prospective study abroad students are attracted to the rich indigenous culture, the colorful geography, and the affordable language classes. The great climate and the amazing food are bonuses. Many of the smaller towns in the western highlands of Guatemala are home to privately owned Spanish Language schools....

Ten Bad Reasons Not To Study Abroad

Are you considering studying abroad or perhaps even longing to but still hear a little nagging voice in the back of your mind that holds you back? Perhaps there is more than just yourself to persuade. Instead of a voice in the back of your mind there are two loud voices right in front of you, your parents'.

How To Persuade Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad created on 2013-07-22

You just like many of your classmates, housemates, friends, and maybe even siblings would like to study abroad. Perhaps the fantasy has gotten to the point of near tangibility. You know where you want to go and what you want to study. But there is one more critical step required before you can start packing your bags. Mom and dad's blessing, approval, money, or other vital endorsement is not...

Some Tips for Language Learning Abroad

If you are studying, volunteering or interning abroad in a non-English speaking destination language learning is probably a high priority for you. Some people claim they are not great at learning languages, and yet they speak perfect English. More accurately, they may just not be confident learning another language or get embarrassed when trying to speak a foreign language. These challenges...