Top 10 TEFL Resource Sites for Aspiring ESL Teachers Abroad

by Fae Esperas

Like any other field of expertise, teaching is a perpetual learning experience. It is a must that you expand your learning in order to keep up with the changing student trends and needs. The obligation to continue learning is heavier for ESL teachers, as the subject deals more with the practical use of the English language. Aside from this, the student market of ESL teaching is continuously changing, making job opportunities in the field very fluid.

Volunteer teachers working on an art project with students

If you are an aspiring ESL teacher abroad, you may want to gear up with the help of TEFL websites. These sites not only focus on the ESL industry itself; they provide you with just about everything you need to make the most out of your TEFL experience abroad.

For Grammar Checking: 


English Grammar is a website that you can consistently look at when checking your grammar skills. It's the ultimate grammar textbook, but instead of lugging it around with you, you can access it online. 


Your students will always ask you for definitions of idioms that they encounter in conversations and you may not always have the right answer for their queries. To help you with the idioms visit this site.

Material Building:

3. Oxford Seminars

Though their main goal is to provide teaching job placement assistance and TEFL training programs, Oxford Seminars also hosts a range of resources for both new and experienced ESL teachers. Visit their website to find evereything from lesson ideas to theory and research surrounding TEFL.


This site provides a lot of information on how to conduct ESL classes. You can also source lesson plans for every type of class or approach, and then conduct activities that actively engage your students, such as games and special contests.

Students having a discussion


It's actually hard to find ESL books and tutorial materials for teachers, mainly because it is not an established field of study compared to many other subjects. On this site, however, you can grab various resources, from articles about teaching to lesson plans made by pioneer teachers and various other helpful materials for your teaching sessions.


Wouldn't it be fun if you could come up with your own video tutorials, quizzes, and games that your students could access even when they're not in class? Instead of giving them boring homework, why not give them access to your own tutorial videos instead on, The website provides services which include comprehension activities, quizzes, and practice tests students can work on during their free time or time away from the classroom.



A favorite site of both ESL teachers and students, offers lessons to improve an American accent, the type of English accent most students want to acquire. In this site you are taught how to speak in English the American way through audio and video clips, downloadable media, lessons, and even assessment tests.


Another website that helps individuals brush up on the American accent, but its more geared towards kids and beginners. The site offers a lot of interactive accent training lessons, as well as the use of idioms, slang, and other vocabulary words used in the American English context.

A woman teaching English to a student

ESL Job Resources:


If you are looking for all types of site resources for ESL teaching, including job opportunities and TEFL/TESOL training materials, then is the place to go. You can find ESL sites according to ranking and even connect to reputable employers for promising jobs.


For a directory of available ESL teaching jobs to all parts of the globe go to It has partner sites around the world, and one of them has the destination perfect for you.

For All Other Needs:

Check out’s extensive TEFL and Teach Abroad Article Directories or search through over 900 Teach Abroad Programs and over 600 TEFL programs for more information and to learn more about English teaching opportunities all over the world.