Adventure Travel Abroad in The Caribbean Region

73 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in The Caribbean Region

Volunteer Projects and Adventure in the Caribbean!

Explore The Caribbean Region on an adventure travel program with International Student Volunteers. The program includes activities like horseback riding to secluded waterfalls, surfing and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, and dancing in the cobblestone streets in the colonial areas of historic Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Service Work and Adventure in the Caribbean!

Explore untouched shores and volcanic ranges of The Caribbean with Visions Service Adventures. Enjoy Beguine dancing in Guadalupe, numerous hot springs in Dominica, or help renovate hurricane houses in the British Virgin Islands. Program fees include food, housing, and excursions. They are open to worldwide participants and available throughout the year.

Volunteers For Peace, Inc. - International Voluntary Service

Experience the Caribbean through Volunteers for Peace adventure trip and volunteer program. In collaboration with grassroots organizations in the Caribbean Region, American and Canadian participants can have an adventure packed summer and a chance to help the unfortunate in Haiti. This placement includes backpacking, heritage tourism, and eco-tours.

Educational Adventure in the Caribbean!

Journey to the Caribbean Region on an adventure travel course with Earthwatch Institute. Travel, live, and explore the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, and Puerto Rico for a half-month expedition in the Caribbean environment. The program is available to all enthusiastic and motivated worldwide participants.

Full Day Nature Tour in Beautiful Dominican Republic!

Fun Fun Cave tour is an ecotourism and adventure tour in Dominican Republic that takes you back to the Stone Age. You will ride horse, walk through the natural forest (Haitises National Park) and then you will come down the cave by Rappelling (abseiling). It is ideal for people more than 13 years old. You will experience a full day tour getting in touch with nature!

Adventure Never Grows Old with Broadreach

Six different study abroad programs are available in the Caribbean through Broadreach. Program topics include, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Language and Culture, and even Veterinary Medicine. All programs are offered in the summer on various islands around the region. Broadreach focuses on providing hands on experience for every student.

Projects Abroad

Experience a Jamaican adventure with Projects Abroad in the Caribbean Region. This two-week international travel program consists of Cultural Exploration, Language Immersion, and Volunteering. Global participants can gain a rewarding experience and a better understanding of the cultures around the world.

Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea

Sea|mester delivers unique educational journeys where students spend their entire semester at sea, sailing between islands, countries and even continents throughout countless global locations. We offer students the opportunity of discovering… the world by sea, knowledge beyond the classroom and their utmost potential.


We are specialists in school and university gap year and overseas volunteering, filling the gap between your education and experience.

Global Works - Travel with Purpose

Take a trip to the Caribbean with Global Works. Participants from all over the world with passion for adventure can discover the culture, language, and lifestyle. The program includes hiking, water-sport activities, and volunteer work.

Enforex - Spanish in The Spanish World

Travel to The Caribbean Region with Enforex - Spanish in The Spanish World. Individuals have the chance to indulge in the region's culture, explore the Spanish language and develop an appreciation for a native dance. This program focuses on learning Spanish and is based in Cuba.

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