Adventure Travel in South America

174 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in South America

International Student Volunteers

Spend time in Ecuador with International Student Volunteers eco-adventure program in South America. As one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, Ecuador has a lot to offer, from rock climbing in the Andes and rappelling down waterfalls to whitewater rafting on the Pastaza River from the Cloud Forest.

ELI-Experiential Learning International

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retiree, there is a wide world to explore, with endless opportunities to learn. Welcome to ELI, a non-profit organization that creates volunteer, internship, and study abroad opportunities for the globally-minded who want a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Twin Work & Volunteer

See More. Do More - this is WAVA's mantra, and with structured projects in over 20 countries around the world we are able to cater for a whole host of authentic travel experiences - community and conservation volunteering, Gap Year trips, work placements, internships and career breaks.

Volunteering Worldwide with Frontier

Discover South America through an adventure provided by Frontier. Participants can join a range of activities, such as those related to Environmental Studies, the local heritage, and Camping. Frontier programs also immerse participants in the local culture through interaction with the locals, introduction to the local cuisine, and visits to historical sites.

Mente Argentina - Short Courses and Sports Clinics

Experience the vibrant culture and lifestyle of South America with Mente Argentina. The adventure travel program takes place in beautiful country of Argentina. International participants may enhance their enjoyment through different cultural activities, including wine tasting, learning Tango, and photography courses.

Global Volunteer Network

Discover the best that South America has to offer with Global Volunteer Network located in Ecuador. This adventure program allows travelers to explore the interesting Ecuadorian culture as they embark on a journey through the geographical diversity of the country.

Indigenous Culture Studies - Peru

Access the indigenous Science, Art and Philosophy of the Andean Civilizations, gain cross-cultural understanding! Apulaya Center for Andean Culture is the first educational center where Andean indigenous culture is taught in an unprecedented and innovative way. Our Andean Indigenous Studies aims to meet the the challenge and opportunity of understanding the role of the indigenous perspective...

Volunteers For Peace, Inc. - International Voluntary Service

The volunteer projects and travel programs of Volunteers for Peace offers American participants the chance to explore South American culture and society. They provide an action packed itinerary to VFP participants for a 4 week stay in South America. Volunteers should anticipate a rewarding travel learning experience. The program is available in Argentina, Peru, and others.

Dancers Abroad & Connected: Argentina

Pizarts Dancers Abroad and Connected program in Argentina is unique because it is an intimate project with a small selected group. Twelve movement participants from around the world are chosen to exchange with 12 movement participants from Argentina. Classes are taken, choreography projects are facilitated with staff and rehearsals are organized to prepare all levels for a public showcase in Co...

Enriching Cross-Cultural Experiences in Peru

Fly to South America with Awaiting Angels and explore Peru's amazing landscapes and rich Andean history. Open to worldwide participants throughout the year. Program fees include food, excursions, and accommodation.

Pacific Discovery-Summer & Semester Programs Abroad

Discover South America with Pacific Discovery's educational travel programs in South America. Spend the summer either in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands or in Peru and participate in experiential learning adventures, including a week-long volunteer project in the Andes, mountain biking down the slopes of Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest peak, and hiking up and camping out at Peru's Canyon ...


Work with monkeys in the jungles of South America and experience South American culture up close. Brush up on your Spanish and hike the beautiful Amazon Rainforest in your downtime. Go rafting, climbing, or boating on the rivers of the Amazon as part of this Adventure Travel Program with Globalteer.

The "Travelling Classroom" Program

Take part in the "Travelling Classroom" program of Instituto Superior de Espanol, a unique program that provides the perfect opportunity for studying Spanish in Ecuador and for discovering the natural wonders of this beautiful country. Departing from the school in Quito, students travel with experienced and qualified professional Spanish teachers who also act as guides on the daily excursions.