Adventure Travel in Middle East

14 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Middle East

Conservation, Community & Adventure Placements Worldwide!

With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...

Live & Learn in the United Arab Emirates

Of the seven emirates Abu Dhabi is the largest and Dubai the most influential. Both are great places to study Arabic abroad. Abu Dhabi takes up 86% of the UAE’s landmass and Abu Dhabi city is the capital and cultural center of the Emirates. The city boasts historical mosques and towering skyscrapers, with a rapidly expanding cultural district and tourist programs. Dubai is a smaller emirate but...

Desert Survival Jordan

Fronteering specializes in arranging extreme Adventure. We arrange Jungle, Island and now also Desert survivals in the Arabian Desert of Jordan! Get to experience the thrill of surviving in one of the worlds harshest climates! We train you how to drive 4x4's, how to get them unstuck, how to ride Camels and Arabian horses! Of course we also teach you the survival basics of making fire & shelt...

Volunteers For Peace, Inc. - International Voluntary Service

Make the world a better place through voluntary service projects offered by the Volunteers For Peace in the Middle East. Live in and interact with an intercultural environment while exploring the Middle Eastern community. This month-long program is offered in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to American participants.

GoEco - Adventure and Discovery in the Middle East

Gain a deeper understanding of Israeli culture and language by volunteering abroad with GoEco in Israel. Volunteers can join in various placements related to Eco tourism, conservation, wildlife surveying, and even more. Programs accept volunteers of any nationality, but prefer that volunteers have a basic level of English and Hebrew language abilities.

Where There Be Dragons

A Bedouin in traditional red shamagh sends text messages from his iPhone. When traveling in the deserts, villages and cities of the Levant, students are struck by the contrast between profoundly ancient and progressively modern systems of thought, behavior and culture. The proverbial cradle of civilization, the lands incorporated within modern day Jordan are home to an ever-changing multitude o...

Volunteering Solutions

Engage in an unforgettable journey to the Middle East with Volunteering Solutions. This adventure travel program is based in fascinating Israel, which is the perfect location for participants to be immersed in Middle Eastern culture, language, and traditions for two weeks to a month.

Galilee Fellowship (4 weeks) - Northern Exposure (1 week)

Join Livnot's four-week Galilee Fellowship or one-week Northern Exposure for hiking (2-3 hikes EVERY week!), meaningful volunteering, learning through nature and spirituality workshops. Get off the bus and experience the Galilee with all of your senses. Dig into excavations from the 16th century, lunch with local families on Shabbat, connect to a unique community. Take a break from the daily...

Summer Programs for Teens in Israel - YJ Summer

For over 60 years, Young Judaea has been offering summer programs in Israel for teens in grades 9-12. Giving teens the opportunity to experience Israel with their peers and explore their Jewish identity is our specialty. Connect with the culture, spirit and land of Israel through travel, hiking, volunteering, having fun and making lifelong friends. Participants come from all streams of ...