Adventure Travel in Roma (Rome), Italy

19 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Roma (Rome), Italy

Backpack Italy, Go Off the Beaten Path

Experience the wealth of culture and history that Italy offers. 360 Student Travel provides an action-packed journey for young international participants. The program will take students to multiple locations and boasts a well-organized and exciting itinerary.

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Have a cross-cultural adventure in Italy with Forum-Nexus Study Abroad. They offer a program that allows students to gain insight into the country’s fascinating customs, traditions, and culture. They deliver the program in a unique and exciting package to ensure that it is both fun and educational.

Experiment in International Living

Visit the Eternal City and wander around various public landmarks and historical sites with Experiment in International Living in Rome, Italy. Participants get to spend five to eight weeks improving their Italian culinary techniques and appreciating the beauty of the ancient city. Live with a Roman family and further your fluency in the local language while exploring the Pantheon, Colosseum, an...

Having Fun is Essential to a Meaningful Summer!

Explore the major attractions of one of the most beautiful European cities, Rome. Westcoast Connection Active Teen Tours offers a series of incredible excursions across Europe for two to four weeks. Participants stay in first class hotels and visit top tourist destinations such as the Coliseum. Lessons in preparing Italian dishes at a cooking school are also included.

The Learning Traveller

The Learning Traveller offers cultural and historical immersion opportunities in a place that was once the world's center of power, culture and religion -Rome, Italy. The program offers cultural excursions every week at in the ruins of one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed. Explore St. Peter's Cathedral, Castel Sant'Angelo, and Vatican City with program staff. The program is open ...

Travel For Teens

Join Travel for Teens' Europe for Older Teens program. For two weeks explore the beautiful city of Florence, Italy and other European cities while experiencing diverse cultures and delicious cuisines. This program is open to participants worldwide.

The Road Less Traveled

Participate in a culinary service learning program through The Road Less Traveled. Worldwide participants can have the chance to join in a 19-day adventure in Rome, Italy. A variety of cultural activities are provided in the fields of cultural exploration, language Immersion, and volunteerism.