Adventure Travel in Roma (Rome), Italy

19 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Roma (Rome), Italy

Backpack Italy, Go Off the Beaten Path

Adventure programs in multiple locations throughout Italy are available with 360 Student Travel . This program provides an action packed journey for global participants. Experience the beauty and wealth of culture this country has to offer, this summer!

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Gain a deeper understanding of Italy's fascinating culture, traditions, and customs. This tailored program, created by Forum-Nexus Study Abroad, allows students to experience a cross-cultural adventure. Participants probe the cities of Milan and Rome, and even other neighboring countries, including Spain, Greece, and France. Forum Nexus hopes to provide students with an adventurous way to exper...

Experiment in International Living

Travel to a palate-pleasing region with Experiment in International Living Italy. High school age participants are given the chance to see the remarkable sights of Italy, while taking a closer look at the things that connect Italian food, people, and culture.

The Learning Traveller

Spend your summer vacation in Italy with The Learning Traveller. The program offers Italian lessons, a variety of cultural activities, and excursions throughout Rome. Participants from around the world have the chance to gain new experiences and knowledge about the Roman culture and history.

Having Fun is Essential to a Meaningful Summer!

Westcoast Connection Active Teen Tours provides a month-long adventure program in Italy. A wide range of social and cultural activities are available for international participants such as Hiking, Snorkeling, and Dancing. This program is offered in eight Italian cities.

GO Rome

Incredible professors are working behind GO: Rome to provide an engaging curriculum. Students can choose to take two courses from three subject areas, including Humanities, Communications, and Business. The program reinforces classroom courses with exciting excursions to famous Italian sites. They also provide personal development lessons. The Go Global Club (GGC) gatherings aim to help stud...

Join Archaeological Digs in Italy

ArchaeoSpain programs provide opportunities for people from all over the world to engage in scientific research at important archaeological projects in Italy. Our digs have been featured in The New York Times, Archaeology magazine, the Guardian and Current World Archaeology.

Seme Al Piatto: Italy

This is a 19-day teen culinary and service learning program located in magnificent Florence in Italy. Participants develop language and cooking skills while reveling on one of the most naturally spectacular, welcoming, and culturally rich countries in Europe. Individuals also gain insight about organic farming and the secrets of Italian cooking while immersing in an organic farm. There is ample...