Adventure Travel in Eastern Europe & Russia

47 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Eastern Europe & Russia

Grint Center for Education

Grint Center for Education is located in Moscow, a treasure house of Russian culture, featuring many art museums, theaters, concert halls, and public libraries. Located on a 150-acre site in the Vykhino district, it's known for its parks and gardens, with easy access from downtown Moscow by bus and subway. Numerous shops, a movie theater, a museum, and an open-air market are all within close pr...

Adventure Programs at Globe Aware

Experience the European spirit of the past, present, and future through the Globe Aware Eastern Europe program. This two week long program offers a unique experience of working and traveling in the region. Visit the local landmarks such as The Romanian Art Museum, Dracula Castle, and other medieval sights. The program is open to all worldwide participants of all ages.

RUSSIA & BEYOND Summer School in Russian Studies

In the summer, students from various countries will study Russian language, history, culture, and politics, in Russia. The Russia & Beyond Summer School offered by the European University at St. Petersburg combines the richness of cultural experience of the city with professional training in Russian studies. The history of the Russian Empire and contemporary politics are intimately connected to...

Live & Learn Russian in Moscow or St Petersburg

Russia is over 17 million km squared making it the largest country the world covering more than a ninth of the Earth’s surface. Russia extends all across Asia and nearly halfway into Europe, spanning 9 different time zones and is the ninth most populous nation in the world. When you study Russian in Moscow & St Petersburg you’ll discover this vast land and the population that began with the Eas...

Bottlenose Dolphins research in Croatia (EU), Mediterranean

Help us in the conservation work of the close to endangered local Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the heart of the Mediterranean, the blue Adriatic Sea. Get richer for a wonderful lifetime experience and enjoy the most stunning creatures on Earth together with VIVAMAR! If you love dolphins & admire the sea you will absolutely love it. 11 days journey of amazing experience and on a...

Getting the most out of your Experience!

Explore Eastern Europe and Russia by joining Love Volunteers' international travel adventure program in Albania and Moldova. This two week program gives opportunities to participants all over the world to gain international understanding and a rewarding experience helping others. This program provides meals, housing, and in-country staff support.

Volunteers For Peace, Inc. - International Voluntary Service

Since 1982, Volunteers for Peace aims to provide volunteer projects in different areas of the world to Americans. Travel, live, and volunteer in one of the selected countries in Eastern Europe or Russia. A variety of volunteer projects and adventure programs are offered including camping, immersion activities, and a homestay.

Low Cost Russian Language & Culture in Russia

Low cost, non-profit Russian language and culture studies in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Earn academic credit. Weekly - monthly terms. Housing and meals with local Russian family. See CSA website for details and to register. Budget study abroad - Join us !

Travel for Teens: Croatia Discovery and Sailing

Croatia has long been considered the hidden gem of Europe, and TFT will show you why! Visiting Croatia feels like stepping back in time. The country is home to white washed streets and buildings, crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, majestic waterfalls and a rich history. Discover Croatia with TFT this summer and prepare to fall in love with this beautiful country! On this trip you'll sai...

ProBa Language Centre

The ProBa Language Centre offers you the Russian language course at home by our carefully chosen qualified teachers. The main concept of this Russian language course is that a student spends practically all the time with the teacher and has excellent possibilities for a very serious language practice. ProBa Language Centre established in 1995. At present ProBa is one of the leading institut...

Gap Medics

If you’re between the ages of 16 and 18 and aspire to become a PA, join Gap Medics in Poland for our pre-PA program! Professional physicians will mentor you as you explore the wards and operating rooms of our partner hospitals in Warsaw. While you’re shadowing in Warsaw, you will stay at our exclusive, fully-staffed accommodations. Three times a week, hospital mentors will visit the house to...