Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

76 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Costa Rica

Educational Volunteer & Adventure Tour in Costa Rica

Tour the breeding grounds of the highly endangered hawksbill and leatherback turtles in Costa Rica through International Student Volunteers. ISV offers an adventure travel program in Central America, where participants can go kayaking in the canals of Tortuguero National Park or whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River.

Adventures in Costa Rica... the 360 way!

Families and individuals are equally welcome to volunteer abroad with 360 Student Travel in Costa Rica. The program includes a collection of activities, including fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, cultural explorations, and more. 360 Student Travel's mission is to provide participants with an enriching international experience.

Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

Spend two weeks in a tropical paradise with Instituto Estelar Bilingüe. Teens from all over the world gain the chance to live with a local family in Liberia, Costa Rica. This summer program offers activities such as Language Immersion, Volunteering, and Eco Tours.

Experiment in International Living

The Costa Rican Experiment provides high school age participants a month-long adventure packed trip, created by an organization that began in 1932. The program includes, engaging excursions in the city of San Jose and explorations to other various natural areas of the nation. By the end of this program, participants are able to understand Costa Rican culture and appreciate ecological diversity.

Adventure Never Grows Old with Broadreach

If you're looking to experience the world, climb aboard. Since 1993, Broadreach has taken over 12,000 students on adventures abroad for middle school, high school and college students. Prepare for hands-on experience, trying new things, making lifelong friends and having amazing adventures while earning a pile of certifications as proof of your achievements. The world awaits!

GVI Volunteer in Costa Rica

Global Vision International offers ecotravel adventure that supplements their volunteering programs in Costa Rica. Participants get the chance to enjoy the many activities and attractions in the country – its lush rainforest, stunning beaches, white water rafting, and canopy tours.

Leadership and Adventure Programs in Costa Rica and Panama

Outward Bound Costa Rica offers exciting opportunities in Costa Rica and Panama for students looking for adventure, cultural immersion and/or service learning. Come for an exciting semester abroad in the fall or spring, or join us in the summer and combine our 14 and 7-day courses to create your own adventure. Our students learn the importance of leadership and teamwork as they trek the rainfor...

Global Works - Travel with Purpose

Experience Costa Rica's hiking peaks, lush cloud forests, and pristine beaches with Global Works. Live with a local host family for two to four weeks in one of the16 different Costa Rican cities and partake in various activities provided by the program. The program is open to participants worldwide, ages 14-18.

Travel For Teens

We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, appreciation of similarities across cultures, and an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. We look forward to traveling with you!

Projects Abroad

Travel to Costa Rica with Projects Abroad for a meaningful and exciting adventure experience. International participants can spend their two weeks engaging in community projects and Spanish language immersion. Find adventure with trips to stunning beaches, refreshing waterfalls, and historical, cultural sites.

Rustic Pathways

Embark on a meaningful adventure in Costa Rica, participate in one of Rustic Pathways programs. Participants, from all over the world, can engage in a two to four week international adventure program in San Jose, La Fortuna, and multiple other Costa Rican cities. The program includes Eco Tours, Volunteerism, and Adventure activities.

Eco Adventures with OMV Experience

Surround yourself with mother nature through Osa EcoExperience. Throughout the year, worldwide participants can practice permaculture and at the same time enjoy their time in the jungle environment of Uvita, Costa Rica. Activities includes nature tours, volunteering, and organic farming.

Costa Rica Experience with Globe Aware

Join Globe Aware's Road Less Traveled program in San Jose, Costa Rica. International participants can have a chance to help the community and create a sustainable future. This two week international adventure travel program includes leisure activities, excursions, and volunteerism.