Adventure Travel in Brazil

18 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Brazil

Volunteering Worldwide with Frontier

Frontier offers adventure programs in the Brazil Amazon Rainforest. The rainforests in Brazil are a result of millions of years of evolution. Participants get to experience an awe-inspiring and complex, yet delicate, ecosystem.

Earthwatch Institute

Join the Earthwatch Institute international adventure travel and volunteerism program in Brazil. Help track land mammals such as jaguars, pumas, and the maned wolf as they migrate across the agricultural landscape of Emas National Park while aiding in the preservation of Brazilian biodiversity. This two-week program is located in Campo Grande and provides accommodations including housing, food,...

Extreme Amazon Survival!

Do you think your made of what it takes to survive! What if one you get lost in the jungle. WIll you know what to do next? Join our extreme Amazon survival trip and learn all there is to know about jungle survival by our ex military special forces team. Learn how to start a fire with, get water, make shelter, fish and hint. To top we add some exciting trips like swimming with river dolphins!...

Have an Adventure while Volunteering in Brazil!

Volunteering in Brazil with Travellers Worldwide offers a range of adventurous activities. Participants can take exciting surfing and capoeira courses, learn Portuguese, and join in fun Latin American dancing courses.

Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea

Sea|mester delivers unique educational journeys where students spend their entire semester at sea, sailing between islands, countries and even continents throughout countless global locations. We offer students the opportunity of discovering… the world by sea, knowledge beyond the classroom and their utmost potential.