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314 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Asia

Twin Work & Volunteer

As a volunteer in this adventure program in Nepal, you will have the unique opportunity to explore this fabulous country of highly diverse culture, religions and geography. You will work with local community on sustainable development projects. With the choice of three different volunteer projects in Nepal ranging from eco-tourism, school and community to environmental conservation, providing y...

Southeast Asia's Flexible Network for Adventurous Travelers

Come Stray with us... here's the lowdown on what you need to know about travelling Asia on Stray. WHAT'S STRAY? Stray offers hop-on hop-off guided passes for adventurous travellers of all ages. Our travel mantra is to "get further off the beaten track". This means you get to explore unique remote destinations and immerse yourself in local culture. WHAT'S THIS "HOP-ON HOP-OFF" CRAZE AB...

Volunteering Worldwide with Frontier

Delve into Asian culture, experience an adventure with Frontier. With programs located various countries, including China, Nepal, and Thailand, participants can stay for one to eight weeks. Participants have the opportunity to visit many interesting places in the region, such as Kathmandu in Nepal, The Forbidden City in Beijing, or Angkor Wat in Cambodia, depending on their placement location.

Explore Taiwan Educational Excursion

This program isn't simply for fun; it's also designed for foreign youths to embark on a "Grand Tour" of Taiwan's natural environment. The program lasts 2 weeks with three weeks consisting of Chinese classes and tours of the Taiwan's main island. The Chinese classes combine task-based language learning with practical lessons designed for touring and living in Taiwan. At the same time, the classr...

Fundraiser: Mount Everest Base Camp Trek 2015

You now have the opportunity to help Nepali children while climbing the tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest. The Global Volunteer Network has created a fundraising trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest in order to help children in Nepal. Our partner in Nepal is a local non-profit, non-government organisation who cares for children in their own homes: Brighter Future Children's Home and...

Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea

Sea|mester offers unique educational voyages where students spend an entire semester at sea, sailing between countries and continents. For more than 40 years, we have consistently delivered outstanding educational experiences for students. We design our programs to provide engaging learning experiences with real outcomes in ways that are impossible to replicate in the traditional classroom. ...

Outdoor Education

Experiential education is swiftly becoming an essential part of the global curriculum, vital in teaching young people important skills such as teamwork, self-confidence and determination. This program is an outstanding method to teach English through integrated subject learning, as well as a lasting love and respect for the natural environment. During this internship, participants harness an...

Experience Thailand with The Bamboo Project

A company that thinks about where we roam as well as who does the roaming. Exploring together, with new found friends from all over the globe. Speaking, listening, smelling, tasting, thinking, running, digging, feeding, eating, believing, trekking, sleeping, dancing, caring, sharing, never stopping from start to end. We are not just a tour company, we are just like you. We are all of the above ...

Getting the most out of your Experience!

Go to Asia and experience the combination of volunteering and adventure in India by traveling with Love Volunteers. An action-packed itinerary awaits international participants, including visits to the Taj Mahal, Tiger Trail, and a Camel Safari. This program starts every Saturday from October to March.

Live & Learn Japanese in Tokyo

If you learn Japanese in Tokyo you will be living in Tokyo Metropolis, a prefecture unto itself that contains over 13 million inhabitants within one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Located on the southeast of Honshu Island, Tokyo is the capital of Japan, its largest city and home of the Imperial Palace and Family. Considered one of the world's major economic centers, Tokyo is in...

Personal Overseas Development (PoD)

Travel abroad with Personal Overseas Development and experience one of the many programs offered in multiple countries throughout Asia including: Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, and Thailand. Adventure travel is mixed with exciting placements like working with children in Cambodia and helping to save the elephants in Thailand.


Venture the beautiful sites of Asia while learning more about its diverse culture, unique practices, and remarkable traditions. Developed by Gapforce, participants have the chance to choose from ten adventurous programs in different parts of the region. Programs typically last for about two weeks to a month.

Summer Volunteer Program 2015

Authentic travel experiences that benefit needy people. This is three week special summer program in India will bring you a great cultural and volunteering experience of a lifetime. The participants will do volunteer work in Jaipur for two weeks and after that go on a week long India adventurous expedition program. It combines travel, adventure and volunteer work, so the summer program is a tr...


Get a sense of adventure traveling with Globalteer in Asia. Work with Elephants in Cambodia and Thailand or Orangutans in the jungle. On the weekend, take a trip to the coast and dive in beautiful waters or go rock climbing on massive limestone cliffs. Wherever life takes you, the adventures you have with Globalteer will leave a lasting impression in your whole life.

Visions Service Adventures

Travel to Asia with Visions Service Adventures. Admire splendid ancient temples and charming colonial architectures of Cambodia while helping a local orphanage or assisting community development projects. Programs are open to worldwide participants throughout the year.